Some new blogs for the new year

In the past year I've discovered so many fantastic, informative food and health blogs. They inspire me to keep eating healthy, cooking creatively, and staying active. Here are a few recent discoveries:

New Domesticity: This one is perfect for anyone who has recently taken on canning, knitting, gardening, making their own shampoo, or any of those newly-popular domestic projects. The author asks, "Why are women of my generation, the daughters of post-Betty Friedan feminists, embracing the domestic tasks that our mothers and grandmothers so eagerly shrugged off?" SO interesting, since I am slowly becoming one of those women...

Eat Drink Better: This blog posts several articles a day that are related to sustainable eating. If you only had time to read one food blog, I would suggest this one, since they cover almost all current events related to food safety, politics, and cooking.

Feminist Kitchen: Pretty awesome blog that explores women and food, and how they have interacted throughout history (and still today).

Mark Bittman: Not a new blog, but I had to put it in here because I love his well-spoken and passionate articles, as well as his recipes. He also offers tons of food-related links once a week.

Homegrown: Fun articles by all different people attempting to grow their own food and generally live more sustainably.