Using Pinterest to store recipes

So, I am on again/off again about Pinterest. Sometimes I think it is an awesome way to store links that I want to visit again. Other times, I think it is a time-sucking distraction that makes me feel way too overwhelmed to cook or craft anything. But where I find it most useful is in storing recipes. I have two Pinterest boards, one called "recipes (to try)" and one called "recipes (delicious)." Whenever I see a recipe online, I don't have to worry about whether or not I want to add it to the long list of recipes in my bookmarks folder, or print it out. I just pin it on my "recipes (to try)" board in Pinterest. If I end up liking the recipe, I can move it over to the "recipes (delicious)" board.

Then, when I'm making my grocery list, I can go back to either of these boards and be inspired to cook these meals. It's so much less overwhelming than trying to search All Recipes for something I might like...The best part is that the board shows pictures of the meals, making me much more likely to choose one of them.

Another idea I've been meaning to try is to make a board called "recipes (for the week)," and use that board to store the recipes that I've chosen just for that week. When I get home from work, I wouldn't have to remember which meals I've bought ingredients for. I could even plan ahead, and choose a bunch of meals for the entire month! But that sounds a little too organized, even for me...